How will the plastics ban effect the beauty Industry?

Brand Value – Leading The Way In Making Beauty Green

The Beauty Industry – one of the fastest growing, revenue producing industries in the world.
It’s extremely competitive, and simply ‘containing natural ingredients’ just does not cut it anymore. Although there are so many aspects involved in this ‘Eco Friendly, War on Waste’ drive that we as humans are on, we believe there are 3 main keys to success in achieving this.


10 Questions With Bernadette Soares

NZE: You’re a mum who started her beauty empire from a kitchen stove while raising three children.  Can you tell us more about how and why you got started?

As a child, I knew that one day I would own my own company.  I grew up in India surrounded by a very business orientated family and was inspired by stories about my Grandmother who had set up our family property empire.

My children were still quite young when I started my business in New Zealand.  As much as I loved being a mum, I missed the creative side of working and needed a new challenge.

Looking for a part time job after 11 years of being a stay at home mum was daunting and I faced the barriers of perception around experience and responsibilities.  Setting up my own business became more of a necessity than an option.

I tossed around a few ideas until I realised that I had a potential business sitting right in front of me.  For several years, I had been producing a natural hair removal product for family and friends made on my home stove from a family recipe passed down through generations.


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